Unable to do HTTPS on c9users.io (request could not be proxied)



I can’t connect to my node server on its c9users.io domain via HTTPS. It works fine over HTTP and works over HTTPS when tested ‘internally’ (ie. using localhost), so I know my node server is fine, but when I try to use “https://******.c9users.io:8081” I get a web page with:

ECONNRESET: Request could not be proxied!

I’ve been using curl to try to figure out what is wrong with stuff like this (and many variations there-upon):

curl -v -k -H “Content-type: application/json; charset=UTF-8” -X POST --data “{ blah : ‘inblah’ }” https://******.c9users.io:8081/

But my server doesn’t get touched at all.

The verbose output looks good until I get to:

upload completely sent off: 19 out of 19 bytes
HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable


Turns out that the problem was that my app was listening on HTTPS, as well as HTTP (on different ports, of course).

Matthijs told me that c9users.io works as a proxy so I only need to listen on http even though I’m I’m trying to use HTTPS.

When I stopped listening on https, it worked fine (and this is fine for me since I don’t really need both http & https).

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Also, if in production you need HTTPS, you can use a proxy like Nginx to internally proxy requests over HTTPS.


There must be a way to fix this without having to resort to using http??


If it’s really a problem, create an Nginx reverse proxy in your workspace, where HTTP requests are internally proxied to your HTTPS server. To do so, just run your server on a random port like 2368 (common for internal servers) using as the IP. Then, in your proxy configuration, use a proxy_pass to, and listen externally on port 8080 with HTTP. For more information on reverse proxies, see https://www.nginx.com/resources/admin-guide/reverse-proxy/.

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the reverse nginx thing did the trick