Unable to connect to new SSH server


I have existing SSH servers which work fine.

I just fired up a new droplet using the same SSH key I always use. When I try to connect to it I get the message that I am unable to connect to root@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxx

When I test outside of Cloud9 I am able to SSH in with no problem at all


Hey @StevenDStanton :smiley:,

Check out these for reference:

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Hi Steven,

A quick way to test whether the settings are correct is to try to SSH to it from a hosted Cloud9 workspace. If you get any errors, or SSH asks for a password, that means that the setup isn’t correct and Cloud9 won’t be able to connect to your machine.

Things that commonly go wrong:

  • The SSH key (available here) wasn’t added to the remote machine’s authorized_keys file
  • The authorized_keys file’s permissions are incorrect.
  • Firewalls that need to whitelist Cloud9 IPs (write in to support@c9.io to ask for those)

Other than this, please use the ssh -v command to see what the server is saying and why it’s rejecting and I can take a closer look.