Unable to connect to my one of my workspaces



I am unable to connect to one of my workspaces. The page keeps on loading and reconnecting with no movement further. I have tried logging out and logging in and restarting the workspace but it has no effect.

Appreciate your help!!!



Can you send us the url of the workspace that’s not connecting?



Please find below the UTL’s of my two workspaces now both of them are not connecting;

I am not even able to login to the dashboard now.



Thanks, the above links are for your applications, and I assume your workspaces (the Cloud9 IDE) are connecting ok?

The first link seems to be working, although why you’re unable to sign in would depend on your application logic, and probably isn’t related to Cloud9. The second link says that the server isn’t running. Can you see if the server is started on the workspace and try again?




I know that the login logic is depending on my own code. Although, the issue is that i cannot login to the workspace itself i.e. the IDE which is provided by Cloud9.

I cannot check the server status as i am unable to login to the dashboard.

Vinit Dave


Hi Vinit,

Ah, thanks for clearing that up. So you’re unable to log in to Cloud9 at the moment? Can you tell me what the error message is when you’re trying to log in?




It is telling me that the web page is not available.




Hmm, I can view your profile just fine. I see two public workspaces. It also appears that the ssl cert for the site is invalid, judging from that yellow lock icon in the address bar. You might could try another browser, relog, or clear cache.


I would second @jms1989 on this. I took a look at your dashboard and was able to access it alright (your username is vinitdave, right?). Also, the SSL cert should be valid and is showing ok for me at the moment. Please try a different browser and let us know.


It seems to be working now. Thank you.