Unable to clone a team workspace


I’ve created a team and added some users to it. I have also created a team workspace. Let’s use these values for this example:

Team name: a-team
My name (admin): hannibal
Teammate: mr-t
Workspace name: wksp1

I can see in the info about the workspace that it exists under the team’s directory. The workspace I created has the address a-team/wksp1

But my teammate (mr-t) cannot clone the workspace. He does the following:

  1. Click on Create New Workspace
  2. Give the new workspace a name and description.
  3. Select the team name (a-team) under the Team popup menu.
  4. Click on the Clone Workspace tab.
  5. Select the workspace under the Clone Workspace popup.

However, the address for the workspace shown in the popup is mr-t/wksp1. When he clicks on the Create Workspace button, he gets an error message that the workspace doesn’t exist. Of course it doesn’t; there’s no workspace called wksp1 under the mr_t account.

The popup should be showing a-team/wksp1 or hannibal/wksp1. I think this might be a bug. Or am I doing something incorrectly?

Alternative to cloning team workspaces

An update: this was confirmed by Cloud9 support to be a bona-fide bug. They are working on it.