Unable to change C9 password



So I’ve got a small issue:

  1. Create GitHub account with personal email (steven.abarnett@gmail.com)
  2. Get a job at a small start-up with work email (steven@volarvideo.com)
  3. Change GitHub primary email to work email so that code done for work is properly attributed
  4. Create a Cloud9 account using GitHub account
  5. Small start-up goes out of business. Change GitHub primary email back to personal email
  6. Attempt to change Cloud9 password

I can log in to Cloud9 just fine by logging in through GitHub, however I can’t edit my Cloud9 password (it sends the password reset email to my work email which no longer exists) and I can’t edit my Cloud9 email address (you have to enter a password). This means that I don’t have access to any of the Cloud9 APIs as they require I enter a username and password and I never created a password.


So I found a solution that worked for me personally, but this strange issue may still arise in the future for someone else so I think it merits discussion for the proper way to handle it.

I’m still in contact with the guy who bought all of the assets (including domain name) from VolarVideo, so I asked him if there was a way to get the email address back online for a night. He currently has everything to *@volarvideo.com forwarding to a catch-all address and was able to send me the password reset email.


Hi Steven,

So as long as you still have access to your account, we can update the e-mail address using a simple verification procedure. In this case, we encourage users to contact support or to holler out here :slightly_smiling:



Sorry for the delayed response – as mentioned in the above post I was able to get this resolved so I haven’t been monitoring the forums much and I’ve had a pretty ridiculously busy two weeks at work.

I actually did reach out to support originally, then posted here to see if anyone could help me out quicker (I’m not sure how active the community is but it was worth a shot), then I was able to gain access to the password reset email just a few minutes before support ended up responding with the email reset link :slightly_smiling:


Hey - exactly the same issue here, used a work email with cloud9 that has been deleted since I left. Could support contact me about this verfication procedure via PM?


Please write in to support@c9.io with details and we’ll see what we can do.