Unable to cancel subscripton



I’m trying to cancel my subscription and I get the following message:

“This subscription is not the latest version.”

please advise,



I’m having the same issue.


A fix for this is going out in the next 24 hours but I have fixed both of your accounts so you can downgrade @floworksasiakas @psampaz. Really sorry about the issues!


thanks. I managed to downgrade my account.

Please note that when that when i click Upgrade Now, I see on screen

Your Plan
"Web IDE Individual$19.00 / monthly"

even if I’m the free plan now.


Yikes, this should be addressed soon but I’ll keep you updated. I did double check your account from my end and it is for sure not on a premium account so you’re good with free :thumbsup:


@bradydowling I’m having the same issue, can you update my account as well? Thanks


@hernani thank you for mentioning that. We pushed out a fix for this that should account for all users but I have synced up your account manually so you can make plan changes now. If you or anyone else notices this again, please respond here so I can take action right away.


Thanks, that worked.