Unable to access your workspace (14/11/2017)


me2 got to go live tomorrow


I have the same problem too.


ssh process died with exit code 255
ssh: connect to host docker-gce-usw-965-prod port 34297: Connection timed out

Same! D:


Ditto, all workspaces down.


Same problem :frowning:


We’re currently investigating this issue. We’ll update the status on https://status.c9.io/ as soon as we get this resolved.

Let us know if you have any questions, either through this thread or by emailing support@c9.io


Same issue here too on all workspaces. Thanks for working on this.


Just came back up …


Same problem with my workspaces. All files down!


Since coming back online, several themes are not working, including Vibrant Ink, and the Tab key is not working in the client (works in all other desktop apps).

You guys are killing me here.


looks like it’s getting better / fixed?


Getting the same error msg.