Unable to access workspace ssh process died


Pop-up message:

Unable to access your workspace

ssh process died with exit code 255
ssh: connect to host docker-gce-usw-225-prod port 21183: Connection timed out

I saw this on the forum and the solution was to just wait for it to stop messing up? I’m just reporting it so you can take a look.


Not sure why that process died (it shouldn’t) but try restarting your workspace VM by clicking on the resource menu and then Restart:


Who do I have to bribe to get such a workspace, @xoob? Heck, with 16GB I can run 99% of my Python stuff. Waaaaaaant. :stuck_out_tongue:


@b2m9 hahaha nice catch!! well, I guess this is your best bet to get one: https://c9.io/site/jobs :wink: but in all fairness, this is a test workspace. we normally work on standard sized workspace even for our own stuff.


Thank you, it worked!


I might just do that :wink: