Typing is undone




There seems to be a bug in the editor. Often, when I am typing fast, the last inserted characters are deleted a few milliseconds after they are shown. More specifically, the last typing actions are undone, since deletions are also undone (the deleted text reappears). This only happens when Auto-Save is enabled. I know it is an experimental feature, but I am reporting this anyway because – as far as I remember – this problem has started recently.

Thank you


I’ve also experienced this issue. Although sometimes I’m not sure if it’s due to pressing some sort of undo key shortcut…


This can happen when collaboration feature does not work correctly.
With collab broken Auto-Save can cause pretty strange things, which was the main reason to keep it as experimental.

On which workspaces/files do you see this issue?
Are there other people editing the same files, or are there other ide instances open?


In my case, If I recall correctly, there was only a single instance of the workspace open. And no collaboration feature was being used…


I’ve been using only one workspace, whose name is “sistema”.

No, there aren’t… I am the only user of the workspace.