TypeScript AutoCompletion



I’d love to see support for TypeScript AutoCompletion. Any other language support would also be appreciated.

[FIXED] TypeScript syntax highlighting doesn't work

Yes I was originally so excited about this application but a little disappointed that something that is included in every code editor I use, is not included here. even for simple HTML attributes. seems to have a basic Emmet style Zen coding in place but no basic intellisense or code complete.

If it is there and I have done something silly to disabled, my apologies and please advise.


I’m another who’d love to see better Typescript tooling in the Cloud9 IDE. Before purchasing a subscription to Cloud9 I was using VSCode and I found the intellisense for Typescript to be brilliant.

So far, not having it in Cloud9 has been my biggest bummer on what is otherwise a great service.

Are there any plans to improve the tooling for Typescript at this stage?


I will love to see some new feautres compatible with typescript and angular2!!


Ditto to the others - With Angular 2 coming over the horizon - we need better typescript support ASAP!


The addition of Typescript support would eliminate one of the last remaining barriers to our team running major dev operations on c9.


By the way, behind the scenes the architecture exists to make it easy to reuse extensive existing typescript tooling and integrated to a new editor like this one. This machinery is currently used at least in VSCode and possibly in other editors with typescript support: a typescript process is run separately from the actual editor, and an asynchronous conversation can happen between it and the editor. Compared to other languages were support might have to be implemented mostly “from scratch”, this one should be relatively not such a huge amount of work to add here, certainly relative to the amazing amount of benefit that support would provide.


Same here! Proper debug and linting for TypeScript and Angular2 support the only thing stopping from going full cloud.


Lately, I have discovered that by just changing .js to .ts and a bit of lines in _all.ts I can now start utilizing Typings and give a much better Code Completion and in many cases, documentation of APIs. From that alone, it would benefit a lot of coders.


(in VS Code that is). Hence I want the support on c9 as well!


Would want to get support of typescript also of FlowType in cloud9. I really lack of TypeScript code completion. Have PRO subscription


This is the only reason why I am not a paying costumer.


I would like typescript also


any updates for this?


Yea, I’m also interested in TypeScript auto completion. Anyone at Cloud 9 have any updates on this or if it’s in the works.


I hope you will add TS support and that should include the outline view.

When I started using C9 my thinking was that js (and derivatives) was their strong suite - now they are way behind. They don’t even support ES6 in outline, let alone TS.

I tried the new, experimental editor that Google has launched for their cloud platform - it is bare-bones but has great support for ES6 in its outline view!


BUMP! - I would really like this as well, the support is functional but does not enhance the production.

Thank you.


Another Bump for this feature request.

Tools like VSCode, Webstorm, and Visual Studio all have great and extremely helpful Typescript autocompletion and intellisense support. It would be simply amazing to have this in Cloud9!


would love to see this implemented as well


Hey everyone,

i was just figuring out TypeScript and ran into the same problem you all seem to be having. Although it’s not a perfect solution, i’ve gotten a working editor running using the ALM IDE.

I installed it on a vm with:

~/workspace $ sudo npm install alm -g

And ran it with:

~/workspace $ alm

Then click the Preview button and Preview Running Application to use the editor.

It throws some errors during the install, but that should be easy enough to fix. Figured i’d post this here before i forget that others might be interested.

I’ll try and remember to come back and update this when i’ve got it dialed in.

It looks really nice, and you can open editors in separate windows which is pretty cool, especially if you run multiple monitors and/or computers.

Hope this helps.