Tutorial for new contacts for in app


Hi Brady,
A few of us novices are having a difficult time creating new contacts and getting it to run. Is there a tutorial or example we can look at to help us figure out what are doing wrong?

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Thanks for asking :thumbsup: Can you explain what you mean by contacts?


Setting up a New Contacts Form for the first time, capturing things like name, email, comments, etc. I managed to figure it out since my initial request but it was a challenge.


This is a pretty specific topic and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the tutorials we have here since it could apply to any language. This tutorial section is meant for general topics that will help you get started on a certain language or technology. For more specific topics, you’ll need to consult other sources for now.


Hi Brady,

I’m new to ruby on rails (and Cloud 9) and I’m trying to get url links for real estate listings to work in a view without leaving my app. Any suggestions on gems that might help? Or is there a tutorial that might help?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Dougherty