Turn cloud9 to social coding network



I think that very cool feature and cloud9 can get popular than other

  1. star workspace
  2. editor pick workspace
  3. badge
  4. display popular workspace
  5. follow user
  6. news feed
  7. live coding :smile:
  8. custom stack gallery
  9. codementor or hackhands feature
  10. and all about like social network

last Q&A killing feature
c9 can beat stackoverflow because the hard part of solve other problem it’s recreate environment
many time I abandon on stackoverflow because it



Had to reply to this one (top of monthly email digest)…

Not everything needs to be a social network! remember kodingen?

C9 is perfect the way she is, a cloud editor for editing code! A work of art and one of the best tools to ever be built! (not c9.io the editor)

You’re also forgetting ALOT of people use c9 at work and don’t need additional distractions.

Collaboration is great for helping colleagues in a jam without hovering over there shoulder, it’s not about public live coding… if you have done that you quickly find the person you’re trying to teach/help get distracted by the feature and starts talking to themselves whilst smiling…

If cloud9 ever does go that way there lose my $19 for sure… ill just use the SDK or one of the million editors out there or one of the many emerging cloud IDEs,…


I agree, and am surprised you were able to read that guys “english”


If you’re looking for a sort of social coding/Q&A IDE, you might try Glitch. While I consider it to be lacking many of the features Cloud9 has (it’s designed for learning, not necessarily for creating production websites), like the near-production environment workspaces, it definitely had a sort of goal like what you are suggesting.

As for what @lcherone said, I completely agree. Cloud9 was built to be easy enough for use as a learning tool, but also as powerful as any desktop IDE (hence my favorite IDE-related pun POST /desktop/era). It also provides the best collaboration tools I’ve found, it’s the Google Docs of code.