Trying to install php and other things but i cant


hi im trying to install those things in a shared workspace but its not working for me , can somebody guide me please ?

PHP 5.4 or higher (required extensions: pdo, mysqli, mysql)
gd2, iconv, mbstring, mysql extensions for php
MySQL 4.1 or higher (5.1 recommended)
XML Support
ionCube PHP Loader v4.0.12 and above enabled on your server (for Free trial and Basic versions only)
mod_rewrite library and support of .htaccess files with RewriteRule attribute
Cronjobs/scheduler support

thanks in advance …


Hi @Samer_Taha,

A lot of the above software required is already installed on a Cloud9 hosted workspace. Can you check what’s missing and let us know what the exact errors are when you try to install that?




another user invited me to his session and asked me to install all this
, now when i try to run a php script it give me page not found …


Can you send me a screenshot of how you’re starting the server, and which url is giving you the page not found error?



The above link says that the page is unavailable. Can you tell me the url to your SSH workspace?



can i give you teamviewer control ?


its not my own workspace i was invited to it by another user


As you’re using a Cloud9 SSH workspace, you will need to append :8080 to your application url. The actual url then becomes:

On hosted workpaces, we automatically forward traffic from ports :80 and :443 to your application listening on, but that’s not the case with SSH workspaces. You will need to manually specify the port you’re listening on.

I hope this helps.


yes sure it helped a lot , but can you explain please in simple words whats the differrent between hosted workspace vs ssh one ? is the ssh one that we can use cloude 9 platform to work in foreign hosted projects ?


Hosted is where we run the workspace on our servers and so it already has lots of software installed and preconfigured to be correct for the IDE. An SSH Workspace is where you host the actual server and connect to it with Cloud9. SSH workspaces are useful if want the site to be online 24/7 or need to use applications that don’t work on Cloud9 hosted workspaces.