Try using ALM with Cloud9 for TypeScript development



I’m one of many who would like better TypeScript tooling in Cloud9. I love Cloud9, but my main focus at the moment is learning and developing in Angular2/TypeScript. I still use Cloud9 for this, but I’m a bit underwhelmed with the TypeScript support.

Something I ran across today and have started experimenting with a bit is a tool called ALM which is a server-based IDE using Chrome for the front-end. I installed this locally and thought I might be able to run it within Cloud9 as an alternative IDE. So I gave it a go.

This is what I did in a nutshell:
Installed it via a terminal session using npm
Navigated to my project directory for an in progress Angular2 project (using angular-cli)
Ran the ALM IDE using alm --host -t 8081 -o
Used the internal browser in Cloud 9 to navigate to {myurl}:8081

You can find out more about the IDE at:
The author also produced a GitBook called TypeScript Deep Dive:

I only just discovered this tool and it seems to work OK. Because I’m taking up the internal browser window for the IDE itself, I’m using an external browser for my preview window.

Anyway - for those who were looking for more TypeScript tooling, perhaps you could give this a go and see if it works for you.