Trouble with long team name


I attempted to send this report to the premium support email (and I’ve sent a few other emails yesterday, but <24 hours ago) but I still haven’t received a response. As you guys probably know, the premium support chat is down (As a premium user for nearly a week now, I’ve still yet to ever access it) so I’m posting this here as well.

I can’t see the names of any workspaces in my team. I created a team with just myself because I needed more than 3 hot workspaces at a time (I have many projects running simultaneously, and $30 is no big deal) but I initially named it a very long name. For the purposes of this example, let’s just say “myveryverylongteamname”. Unfortunately, in my workspaces dashboard for that team I can only see “myveryverylongteamn…” as the name of any workspaces. It’s cut off with the ellipse, and I can’t even see a bit of the actual workspace name, only my team name. So, I renamed my team to a shorter name, let’s say “mvvltn” and yet I still see the original extremely long name with all my workspaces in that team. I even added a new workspace and still see that. Please fix this, I can’t see any workspace names.