Trouble with Apache (IDE50)


I’m using the CS50 IDE, and when I run apache, it seems to work with no trouble:

apache50 start .
Setting Apache’s document root to /home/ubuntu/workspace …

  • Starting web server apache2

Apache started successfully!
Your site is now available at

But then, it isn’t actually running, when I click the link, it doesn’t resolve the DNS. Not sure what else I can do to debug!


Your URL is either or Test it out.

// EDIT: both URLs work. Pick one, but not both.

@bradydowling: fyref, seems a minor bug in the CS50 apache.


Great, works! Thanks for your help!


@ghabibi – be sure to run update50 in your IDE! An older version didn’t probably handle the c9users case, but has since been fixed. This will then give you a proper domain in the menu bar button.