Trouble accessing Secure CDN (https sites)


I always seem to have trouble running various tutorials (this React tutorial being the latest: ) The first challenge is figuring out where I need to change host and port settings (sometimes they need to be changed, other times it seems they don’t – this server.js file runs and displays code but then has error).

Main question though is that html files will often reference external secure cdns like in this index.html file for this tutorial (see below). Is there a standard way to reference external secure CDNs or if not, what is the best way to approach tutorials that include these. (I’ve been able to learn a lot using C9, but also seem to run into these hurdles a lot where the tutorial is assuming I’ve got a localhost development environment – which I don’t). Thanks for any insight.


Here’s a screen shot of the app, which isn’t saving or displaying content – I think because it’s not accessing react, babel, jquery, etc. (I’m a new user and it only let me include a single image file in the original post).


Hey @kolmstead :smiley:,

I believe it may be because the failed resources in the console show they’re not using https themselves. Try changing them in example.js to https if you have access to.


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Mike, Thanks for the link. I’ve got things working now.