Tried To Create University; Was Forced To Create Team And Charged Way More


This page:

Claims you can can make a university for “$9 / team / month - $5 / user / month”.

On that page I created my university team and instead was charged for $29 / user / month. I wanted to immediately cancel this team and get my money back but C9 claims I’m still going to be charged anyway. I tried to contact the “premium support” for help but it says I can only do that if MY account is a premium member; it doesn’t matter if I’m already paying for a team.

I want to delete the team and purge C9 of my payment data because I’m pretty upset at this point. Ever since requiring a credit card on signup (even of my university student accounts when they first sign up even though I’m paying for a team), C9 has been incredibly irritating. See here: Credit Card Required for Free Account

If things don’t get better quickly, I’ll be deleting my account and suggesting all of my friends and colleagues (all of whom I recommended C9 to) do the same.