Tried Inviting Students... doesn't work



I’m teaching HTML to my students and we are using their school email accounts It says they have been sent invites but my students are not getting the emails. When I send it to their personal accounts, it says they need a credit card. So frustrating as I have signed up for an education account. Please help!! I need this today.

Thanks in advance!

Students invited to education team asked for credit card

Invitations to students negate the need for a credit card. If they are still being asked for a credit card, it’s possible they’re not following the link and normal signup process. Try inviting yourself by email and see if this works for you.


G’day @MissLindsay1,

When inviting students we tend to get 1 in 50 students who receive the “Credit card panel on signup”, i have provided you some scenarios with solutions that work for us.

Scenario 1:
If some students are receiving the credit card during the sign up:

  • Window users “Control + F5” to hard refresh their browser cache
  • Mac users “Command + R” to hard refresh their browser cache
  • Incognito doesn’t seem to resolve this issue, so i recommend telling them to hard fresh their cache
  • This is also a solution to a very common issue we have on campus whilst teaching that student code is not updating in the preview view, 97% of the time this has nothing to do with Cloud9 we found that it was the browser hitting a set cache limit and not updating anything after that until a hard refresh was done by the student.
  • Depending on your schools setup, we see within a class every 30minutes students require to do a hard cache refresh.
  • not recommended however students can disable cacheing via developers tools -> network -> disabled cache.

Scenario 2:
If all your students are receiving the credit card during the sign up, then you are most likely doing something wrong please take a look at the guides below.

Cloud9 Setup Guides, i have included both Administrator and Student setup guides we use at RMIT University.

Kind Regards,
Byron Fisher


@rmituniversity super helpful, thank you :pray:


Thank you for sharing the guide, it was really useful!


If you are using a school created account for your students, make sure that the account has email functionality.

I teach in a public high school where students are automatically provided an account with the template: The domain allows them access to a managed google account, which gives them drive access for storage, collaboration, and google classroom services, but it does not include an active email account with that address.

I was unaware of this until I tried to use that account address to send them their email invites.