Trial for Individual account


Hey, I’m just starting to use c9 and love it. I’m interested on upgrading to a individual account, but would like to see a trial before. Is there an option? Can’t see on the pricing guide.

Many thanks,


There are only a few differences between the Free and Premium plans:

  • You can have unlimited private workspaces. The free plan comes with one of these that you can try out.
  • You can have up to three workspaces running all the time, even if you don’t currently have it open. Free workspaces shut down their containers after half an hour, so the behavior would be similar to coming back before half an hour.
  • You can resize workspaces. This is only really useful when dealing with packages such as Meteor, which require more RAM to install. Besides that, Cloud9 is not a hosting service, so it’s not useful for traffic or machine learning.
  • Last, but not least, you can have SSH workspaces. These have the exact same features as hosted workspaces, but allow you to use your own publicly exposed Linux server.

Besides the above, there are no differences in the IDE experience, except that you can use Premium support via email, but none of the features offered by premium really need a trial. Private workspaces can be tested on the free plan, hot workspaces simply stay running longer, and larger workspaces are exactly the same as adding more resources to your computer. The Cloud9 team may be able to provide you with a trial, but premium features behave predictably, and if you need them, a trial shouldn’t be necessary.