Transition from old plan to new plan



I just recently upgraded from your old $19 account with 3 premium workspaces, to the new $19 Individual account. Upon switching over it immediately charged my card, and I got an e-mail that my old subscription was cancelled.
The problem lies in the fact that I wasn’t just toggled over to the new account type that was the same monthly fee, I was charged again and the old subscription is simply gone. My last billing cycle only got 12 days of use. I’d like a prorated reimbursement for the 18 days that was cancelled (Roughly $11). Or switch me back to my original plan and I’ll toggle it over manually in 18 days.

Attached is a screen shot of my invoice history showing the abrupt change in date and new charge.

By the way, thanks for the new account type! I love Cloud9, but juggling the memory on multiple workspaces to create a new private one in days of yore was pretty awful.




Hi there, could you send an email to We’ll get you covered :slight_smile: Happy you are enjoying the new plan!


I sent over an e-mail. Thanks for the quick reply!


Hi Nikolai,

I also received a “subscription has been cancelled” email, immediately followed by a “Thank you for subscribing” email.

The wording on the first email is a little scary for what is actually an upgrade.

For me, Cloud9 is the best web application ever, and the unlimited option now allows me to get rid of localhost, ftp and so much more.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


I had a very similar issue to this where I signed up for a plan, decided SSH workspaces wouldn’t work for me so told it to downgrade. Instead of letting me finish out the paid time period it immediately canceled.


Sorry for the confusion here! We are looking into how we can clarify this :slight_smile: