Transfer site using backup buddy



Hello guys. How are you?

I installed a WordPress work space in c9 and now i am finished and i want to transfer it to another location. i am using a plugin called backup buddy to transfer all the files in the new site but when i open the backup downloaded by the plugin, as you can see on the image below there are 2 folders named .c9 and wordpress. i was just wondering if i can delete those two and what are those 2 folders contain?

thank you guys in advance. :slight_smile:



I’m not quite sure about the wordpress folder, but if you don’t use it with your code, it should be ok to delete it. Note: Please make a backup before deleting anything.

Regarding the .c9 folder, that is for use with Cloud9 only and contains metadata for the IDE. It shouldn’t be a problem removing that from the downloaded folders.