Tool du-c9 outputs error "Invalid Flags:"


I’m making disk space by deleting some unusefull files. The problem is that the ide doesn’t recognize the disk usage has shrunk, it keeps giving the message “disk quota reached” and it displays more disk usage than there is in my workspace.
The command “sudo du -sh ~/” shows
482M /home/ubuntu/
but the ide says I’m taking 886 Mb.

I also tried to use the “du-c9” command but it displays the following error:
“Invalid Flags:”

Restarting the workspace didn’t work either.

I’ve read the thread Disk shows more than used but the post with the solution says a folder /data is responsible for the unaccounted disk usage. I didn’t understand which folders have to be accounted, since the / folder contains much more than 1GB (which is my quota)



Thank you for writing in. We’ve created a bug report about du-c9 and are looking into it.

One thing to understand is how Cloud9 measures disk quota consumption:

  • When you create a new workspace, everything included at that point will not be counted against your quota
  • Any changes you make to the workspace (logs, installing packages, code, etc.) will be counted against your quota

Thus, if your home folder is taking up 482M, that means the rest is probably being used by log files, installed packages and other files created / modified outside the home folder. You can use the standard du command with appropriate flags to get that information. One such command can be:

du -hsx * | sort -rh | head -10

to get the current folder’s top 10 biggest files / folders. You can run this on specific folders to get the information.

Hope this helps.