"TODO"s panel: keep in mind the code we need to refactor


I saw in other desktop IDE a panel that lists your "TODO"s, "refactor"s and other keywords in the comments into any files of the project, in order to quickly open and edit them.
I’ve also started adding such keywords (Todo & refactor) to my code. I’m using a command line solution for the moment to see where I left these keywords.
Is it the role of the outline panel?

How to make a checkable menu item
Add TODO section on IDE left menù

I’ll try to make a plugin for it.


Seems like a great addition - I’d use it!


I won’t have time to make this plugin unfortunately (going back to college, I won’t have a pause until July).
Basically, I thought this plugin as a UI for the ack-grep -i $1 command-line, with $1 the keyword the user wants to listen to.
Like the outline panel, it would need a text input (for the user to register his keywords) and a tree structure like this :

        [${quote with the keyword}    ${line number}] as a clickable element which opens {file1} at {line number} in the editor
        [${quote with the keyword}    ${line number}]
        [${quote with the keyword}    ${line number}]

It would also need a refresh button to update the tree with ack-grep (thought about polling, but very bad idea about performance)


well, I just simply type in collaborate -> group chat XD


Good idea. But not suitable for my actual main project, because I work with ?collab=0
(I’m alone on my project, and otherwise I got a purple border on the left that indicates it’s my code and that bothers me)

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If you are still interested I have built a basic plugin for this. Still needs some features/cleanup but it is working.


I’ll test it as soon as possible.
I couldn’t work on it last months because I was really busy, and at i’m still busy at the moment for, let’s say, 5 to 7 months !
(I was still using ack-grep, it was doing the job ;))


I finally had time to test it. This is definitely what I had in mind.
I tested it on my python workspace. Looks like sympy developpers should need this :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s working good, listing files is OK, double click on a TODO opens the file at the specified line.

Good job @mikeburgh ! :thumbsup:


Interesting, I like it! When you initially mentioned it, I had imagined a ToDo panel on the left under Test that would show the todos for the currently open file. This is a nice touch too though :thumbsup:


Yeah I was going to do it on the left, but I actually felt more usable given the long todo lines with it as a tab in the console… so built it as part of the new tab call… could do a preference for both locations I guess.

It needs some more work (Clean up, icons, state management), but I am holding off on that until you can publish/install plugins again… just in case that never comes back… AWS direction change :slight_smile:


Please Add a TODO tag recognition like Android Studio, and a TODO section too in the left menù, it will be a very useful feature.

Eg. If I add a //TODO 1: Add this line of code , It’s useful to find them in a list and easily reach the correct file at the correct line.

Thanks for your time!


I would like this as well. Would be nice to track what is left to do on certain projects.