To have someone do a "code review" on my code, she has to have at least a free account, right?


I’m wanting someone to do a code review, and if I can make it very simple for her, I guess she will agree.

So, I think the process would be that she needs at least a free account, and that I share the workspace. Is that right??


It really depends on the type of code review you want.
In today’s world, most developers use some sort of Git review system. My company uses gerrit.

For said person to review your workspace, they will need an account. You could test this by getting your public URL, logging out of C9 and then visiting that address. For the person to “run” your code, this I think is dependent on the language. For java, they will need write access to the workspace as that level of permissions is needed when you compile a java file.

Experiment and try things.