Timeout when creating workspace with git




I want to create a meteor workspace and initially clone my existing git repo from my server. I stored c9’s ssh key and i can see a successful login in my servers logs. But workspace creation gives me “Timeout” after a while.

Does anybody know what to do? I can’t see a failure.


Can you try cloning the repo from the terminal of an existing workspace to see if that succeeds?


I forget to mention this.It works flawlessly to git clone by hand.
I didn’t want to go this route, because meteor has to be installed in the same directory. With manualy git clone it looks like this:

- .c9
- .meteor
- myrepo
- - .git
- - .meteor
- - ...

so my own meteor config is in a different directory. I would have to install meteor by hand into the subdir.


I’m guessing that is a clone using the same SSH Git URL and not the https git URL. If not, make sure you’re using the SSH URL.

As a workaround, you can just move your whole repo to the workspace folder and it should be completely fine. Something like:

cd /home/ubuntu/workspace/myrepo
mv * ../
mv .* ../
cd ../
rm -rf myrepo


Thanks. I came up with another workaround. I did myrepo: ln -s ../.meteor/local .meteor
But i like your workaround more because of no necessary dir change.


And yes, i did a ssh://gituser@server:/repo/dir/path


One other workaround you could try is disconnecting and then reconnecting your Github account from Cloud9. I know this has worked for other issues in the past. See Connected Services.


Its a private git repo, not github