Throbber active in file heads 24/7


In each of my C9 workspaces for each file head the throbber is constantly running.

[indicating that the file is loading, but the loading has finished]

I have tried reloading/restarting the workspaces but it doesn’t help.

It has been going on for a week now and its becoming annoying.

Does anyone know what causes this/how to fix it.


hi, on which workspace do you see this? could you please tell us the url.


For example, this one:


are there any errors in browser console? Can you open ?


Console shows an error for rusha.min.js on line 1

“Invalid or unexpected token”


try reloading with ctrl clicking on the reload button to clear browser cache


Does not help, have tried it several times.

The problem persists when I change hardware.

I just opened my C9 on a “virgin” notebook and the throbber issue is there