This looks like a great website! New member ^_^


I’ve decided to take up HTML5/CSS and all the backend work to basically get by running my website from now on :slight_smile:

I’m using this website just to practice for now until I become good enough at back-end stuff and JS.

I’ve already learned basics of HTML 5 (using it just for markup… lists, tables, div, class) and the basics for CSS while I continue to reference all of the specific selectors.

Looking forward to using this website :smiley:


Great to hear this! I signed up over a year ago an immediately fell in love with it! This also means I have plenty of experience dealing with problems, so if you’re ever having trouble, post your code, any errors, and screenshots here and we would be happy to help.


Will do! Thanks for the welcome.

If you are good with HTML5, CSS, JS and Jquery, which website do you think is the best for learning all of that?

Right now I’m using Khan Academy and am just building stuff as I go in Cloud9 to practice all the syntax :slight_smile:


G’day David and welcome to the Cloud9 Community,

I have a few awesome sites if you want to start learning web programming languages we utilise these whilst teaching students at RMIT University.

w3schools -
SoloLearn -
TutorialPoint -
CodeAcademy -

Wanting to seriously learn how to design websites after knowing the basics, we use Sketch to create style guides, prototyping and design mockups.

Sketch -

  • Other software/tools like Axure, Balsamiq and even Photoshop can be used however Sketch is just our personal preference when teaching and developing in the industry.

Choosing the right colour:
Adobe Color -
ColourLovers -
Sip -

Note: Some of the software and tools above may require to be purchased, or only available to Mac users. If you’re a student you can apply for Educational discounts.

Good luck on your coding adventures,
Byron Fisher


You can try Free Code Camp. It’s a bit more JS oriented but the community is very helpful with pretty much anything web related.