This exact program works on my school laptop, but won't work on my mac


So when I was working on my text rpg that I have been making to practice my coding, (C++), it worked perfectly on my chromebook, but when ran on my mac it has these errors,

I was wondering if this has to do with the operating system or if these errors are problems with my code but, as I have said before, it worked perfectly on my chromebook.
Please leave any solutions or if a worker at c9 sees this, please fix this issue. :slight_smile:


First of all, this is the wrong board. You are not experiencing a c9, you are having an issue with your own code.

I cannot point out the issue from a small fragment of code, but it smells like you are not matching parentheses somewhere.


No, this works when I run it on my chrome book, this is only when I run it on mac.


Look at the first error in your picture, it says in function void textRpg(). The issue starts there, not in main, perhaps look at it more carefully.


found the problem, thanks!