Theme, from Eclipse to C9


Hi, I want to use my theme from Eclipse in Cloud 9 but it doesn’t look that easy …
I can export it as a .epf file, is there any way to get it in css or anything that C9 accept ?


are you asking about ui theme, or only code editor theme?
If the later, you most likely will need to convert the file manually, by changing colors in a file

Unless there is a similar theme for textmate/sublime text.
Which theme are you trying to convert?


Only code editor theme.
I see…

I don’t even know which one it is, it seems like a personnalised one (I did it a long time ago), here’s my file if you want to take a look epf file


something seems to be wrong with that file, it just contains the following text:

#Thu Nov 23 23:22:28 CET 2017
/instance/org.eclipse.jdt.ui/org.eclipse.jdt.ui.text.custom_code_templates=<?xml version\="1.0" encoding\="UTF-8" standalone\="no"?><templates/>