The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive


Ive crawled all over this place for help regarding this issue, and the only thing I can find is stuff I cant understand. Im a noob and there are many noobs trying to learn and you answer questions as if people have been doing this for years, its extremely discouraging. I just want to find where you can increase the file limit…for that matter why is the file limit so small when we are trying to install plugins from developers that are supposd to make our learning curve easy but are tripped up by a process that wont let us proceed… This is a terrible user experience

How do I increase the file limit?..and dont send me to another thread Ive already been too, which is many…none of the answers tell a noob how to do it.



The upload_max_filesize variable for PHP is set in the php.ini file in the root directory; this is 2 MB by default. Try changing the value there, saving the file, and restarting your Apache server so PHP will pick up the changes.