The Orange Preview Page



Is the away to stop the orange welcome to Cloud9 IDE page where you then click Open the App

It is getting in the way if the functionality I am trying to test.



what kind of functionality are you trying to test, and how is the orange page interfering?
There is no simple way to disable that screen, but you can try to connect, we may be able to find some solution.


I am using phantom to render a html page to pdf but rather than the invoice i am getting to landing page. the page works as viewing html page is fine with no orange


Could you set a cookie, a header, or a custom user agent for phantomjs requests? If no please write to


I have set a header like so
"User-Agent": “phantomjs”


Do you mean you’ve set it on response or on request?
IF you set it on request, orange page won’t be shown anymore.


Hi. I ran into an issue cos of this as well. I wanted to test PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) integration using the simulator and it doesn’t work.


Are you able to make the IPN request via a POST? Only GET requests should run into the splash page.


I’m trying to use to visually compare my c9 dev environment with prod - but it will only screen cap the orange screen - not particularly helpful - is there a way around it yet - I can set user agents etc?