The end of Cloud9


After having issues for the past couple of weeks and trying to work out why I came across a thread on the community forum regarding the process of moving all Cloud9 users across to AWS due to the acquisition of Cloud9 by Amazon.

Its a sad day, I believe its the best platform for what I use it for (PHP development).

Has anyone already found a similar alternative what good/bad points have they found on the new platform?


I agree, But I am waiting for the final response from c9 team.


I’d take a look though the thread at the top of the page (AWS Cloud9 has launched!). No new registrations for c9, they are pushing towards a 12 month free usage of AWS.

Just set up on CodeAnywhere and the project which was running slow as hell for the past week or so is now flying again. Once you get your head around the difference in terminology is pretty similar.