Thank you Cloud9! for this lovely application!


Hi Cloud9 team,
I just joined and I really love what you have made! Its awesome! I find your application very convenient for a beginner like me!
Thank you so much!


Hello Cloud9 Team!

I couldn’t agree more.

I already checked out a very early version of Cloud9 some years ago. And at that time I thought: A real full blown IDE inside the browser. NOOO WAY! That is not posible. But you actually did it. In the meantime Cloud9 became a usable and powerfull IDE. (Mostly because you give free ubuntu machines away with it, which I cannot thank you enough.)

I am currently coding a (private) web project in node.js, mongodb and vuejs for the frontend. It is based on this awesome template: which has hot-reaload on save. You development cycle becomes really simple with that:

Save your code changes in Cloud9 IDE and simply whach your browser (eg. on the second screen) reload your app.