TextMate theme importer won't import .tmTheme



I have a textmate .tmTheme file and plugged into the online converter recommended by C9 (https://tmtheme-editor.herokuapp.com/) and worked perfectly. I then saved that file again (just to be safe) and went through the exact steps in debug mode from the textmate theme importer guide (https://cloud9-sdk.readme.io/v0.1/docs/import-a-textmate-theme) to try out the theme after I converted it using the CLI. However, while the theme shows up in the themes list, it never renders the syntax.



Could you show the theme file it have created?


Yes, thank you! Here’s the message (below) after I convert it. There’s obviously some extra stuff in there but it says it can be ignored (it’s just extra things for sublime, etc)

CSS It generated: http://jsbin.com/nikapadipu/1/edit?css


Any ideas on what may be breaking?


Hi, sorry i’ve missed your previous reply.
there was a bug in theme loading code, which should be fixed now.
Please let me know if you find more issues with it.