Text Editor Won't Show More Than One Line In Google Chrome



This issue does not exist in Firefox. I never ever use Firefox but I guess C9/Amazon decided today was the day.

Logged into my account today and noticed changes were made to my IDE.

I can only see the first line of my files when I open them in the editor. (https://imgur.com/a/fH50aOe)

I tried the following already:

  • ?reset=1 This destroyed my preferences and also did not solve the problem
  • refresh the page, hard refresh the page

Any tips? Thanks in advance


Is this affecting all of your workspaces or just the one? Does this persist if you open another pane in the IDE?


Affects both my hosted instance and my SSH instance.
In Safari, the problem is reversed, the code editing window is full size, but the console will only show 1 or 2 lines at a time.

UPDATE: I was on version 66, upgraded to 67, not seeing the problem anymore, forgot to verify right before updating, but either way, problem resolved.


using chrome on a chromebook - the editor shows only one line -
I think it’s a font size issue

I was able to ?reset=1 to fix it; and can change the font size, but
after a reload, or any re-access, the ‘single line’ error occurs again


I have this same issue on chrome on a Mac


Seeing same issue on Chrome OS. Makes c9 totally unusable since I only have Chrome to work on. Please fix.


I’ve sent a report to premium support. Hope this gets fixed soon as it’s a full stop work issue.


Issue is still happening intermittently for me in Chrome. I work around this issue by creating a separate pane where the terminal normally shows up. This is really disheartening to see from a text editor… I am struggling to even see my own text :laughing:

c9 devs/staff, thanks for your attention to this issue.


I found a terribly hacky workaround. If you inspect the page and find the div class="editor tab " then you can change the min-height to something like 900px. It’s set at 60px right now. That will make it larger and seems to be working for the moment.
Seriously hope this gets fixed ASAP.


Refreshed my browser this morning and the issue seems to be resolved - shout out Tye for probably solving this one for c9 :+1:


Still experiencing this issue intermittently across various SSH workspaces in Chrome.