Terms Of Service clarification


I’m loving the service and have become a paid subscriber. I’ve have read the Terms of Service and have a question about section 7.1 which reads…

7.1 License; Warranty. You grant Cloud9 IDE, inc a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free and fully paid license (a) to use the Customer Content in conjunction with the Service; and (b) to use your trademarks, service marks, and logos as required to provide the Service. All rights in and to the Customer Content not expressly granted to Cloud9 IDE, inc in these Terms are reserved by you.

What does that actually mean? If I create a private repository and create the next big thing for a Third party, that you have (some) rights over the content I create?


This is the important part:
“as required to provide the Service”

It’s just a legal way of saying you are giving them permission to host the files you upload, or make and use them for whatever cloud 9 needs to function.


Thanks Josh, that makes sense now.