Terminal windows are not loading


Hi, since i noticed the new loading screen when accessing my workspace i cannot access any existing/new terminal windows. They just do not seem to load.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


This doesn’t look good indeed - could you send your username in a pm?


I do not have an option to send you a private message.


Update FYI: Nothing changed since yesterday, the problem is still there.


@philippj sorry about that. By default new users can’t PM (@nikolai take note) but admins can upgrade your user level so I have done so.

That being said, I just ran a script to unstuck your workspace so that’s all set now too.


@bradydowling thank you for upgrading my user level.

But i still cant access my terminal windows, they are still stuck, like in my screenshot.


Hi! I’m having the same problem too :frowning:
EDIT: Also i cant restart the workspace… it pops this error:
“An error occurred restarting this workspace: Workspace restart failed”

EDIT2: Ok i don’t know what happened but it’s working again :smiley:


Magic! Glad it works now!


Hi, I have the same problem now :frowning:
Can’t restart the workspace, same as daniel_og couldn’t.


With some luck I got it working by pressing restart, refresh and anything possible.

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