Terminal window broken after banner from 'warn about unsaved files'



I think the new feature ‘warn about unsaved files’ is handy, however, when the banner goes away, it seems to mis-align the terminal window so that the last few lines are off the screen at the bottom.

To describe a little further: I have a editor window pane at the top, and a terminal window pane at the bottom. When I make some changes in the file in the editor, but don’t save, and click into the terminal window pane, the banner message takes over the top of the screen with the message about unsaved files. The terminal window looks fine for the few seconds the banner is at the top of the screen, but when the banner goes away, the terminal window re-sizes and ends up offset so that it extends off the bottom of the screen. It’s still active, but you can’t see the last 1.5 lines of typing. (This could potentially cause a problem if you type something inadvertently, and hit enter.) Hitting Ctrl-C will bring a few lines of text up, but the active line is still offset off the bottom. Ctrl-L will correctly bring the active line to the top, but the next time you reach the bottom of the terminal window, the lines are still offset off the bottom of the screen and invisible. Only fix I’ve found is to manually resize the terminal window pane a little bit.

(Chrome 61.0.3163.79 on Mac OS X 10.12.6)

Anyone else hit this bug? Any workarounds, or possible fix from Cloud 9 engineering?



Does this happen on other browsers as well? What keyboard mode are you in?


Yes, this also happens in Firefox (56.0) and Safari (Version 11.0 (12604. I’m in keyboard mode Default.


Any update on this? This error still occurs for me, and it also does for some other users on Cloud 9 IDE.