Terminal (Why is typing unresponsive / sluggish?)




In Terminal I type the following:

nvm ls

and then press return. This typing takes me about 2 seconds to do “nvm ls” and press return.

Terminal seems unresponsive, because as I type each character the character fails to appear in Terminal.

In other words, none of the characters I type appear.

About 20 seconds elapse before “n” appears. Then very sluggishly (perhaps 3 to 4 seconds per character) the other letters gradually appear.

After the “s” appears, more seconds pass before the return is recognized.

Then the result displays.


  1. Why do the characters I type appear so slowly?
  2. How to I get the characters I type to echo immediately?
  3. Is Cloud9 very sluggish?


Are you using Safari? If yes, this may be caused by https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=170463, which breaks websockets, making connection very slow, please try using chrome or the ‘Safari Technology Preview’ until the bug is fixed.