Terminal unresponsive at random times


this is related to Terminal isn't loading or is unresponsive

i am happy to do a screenshare or something to show the problem.

This is how a completely new workspace is looking like for me right now. Note that my connection is fine (can interact with many other websites including this one) and the Immediate window is also fine. its just that the Terminal window takes super long to spool up and even when it does it allows me to type for a while and then randomly freezes up again. The only way i have been able to resolve so far is just making a new workspace from scratch (even cloning doesnt work). Some process must be going on on your end tying up the terminal.? restarting the workspace doesnt work at all.

in short… very bad day 1 experience :frowning: i cant be the only guy this is happening to?

i checked your status page and it looks fine.j


I have this problem too…


in case it helps anyone, i created a new workspace and it is working on that one. i have created 5 workspaces today and the hanging Terminal problem has afflicted 3 of them (including one that i cloned from an affected workspace). im sure this is not how cloud9 is supposed to work so i am hoping for some sort of diagnostic into what is going on. anyone at cloud9 contact me if you need diagnostics.


status page was compltely unhelpful during this. turns out it was a reddit hug of death