Terminal resets and long running processes


I’ve noticed that recently I might start a relatively long running process on c9, like say bundle install and after a few minutes it’s still processing, but the c9 terminal restarts and then the install process doesn’t complete. Is there any good way to handle this, e.g. running as a background process like bundle install &?

And if so is there some way to check that the install has completed …?

Many thanks in advance


@timjrobinson looked into this and it looks like this is an issue with bundler. There is an issue created about this https://github.com/bundler/bundler/issues/4609. Please add any information about that here or there (wherever you feel is more appropriate for it).


thanks - looks like bundler is working on a patch. Is there a way for me to manually turn off forkbomb protection in c9 workspaces for duration of a bundle install?