Terminal not in /workspace



While freeing up some space on my workspace, my terminal froze and stopped responding. I restarted the workspace but that only seemed to make it worse. The last thing I remember doing was accidentally deleting the /tmp/ folder in my workspace.

The terminal does not have a spinning logo next to it, it looks like it’s completely loaded but isn’t in the workspace directory. Here is what the terminal looks like: https://i.imgur.com/Sf1mcmt.png

I have tried:

  • Using a different browser
  • Restarting the workspace
  • Restarting all terminal sessions
  • Opening a new terminal
  • Killing all processes in the process list
  • Cloning my workspace
  • Pressing Ctrl + q
  • Resetting my workspace with ‘?reset=1’

Other workspaces seem to function as expected with a functioning terminal.

If anyone has a solution to this I’d be very grateful.

Update: I received a response from C9 via email and was told I need to download my workspace and move it to a fresh one. After doing that everything seems to work.