Terminal isn't loading or is unresponsive


I’ve been seeing this almost every time I log in. Terminal windows are pretty much useless. This has been happening ever since I joined C9. I have a very fast network connection, can download an 8 gig file in < 10 minutes so I’m pretty sure this is network issues. :slight_smile: Is anyone from C9 monitoring this thread? Obviously this is effecting a lot of customers.


Been happening for me too, super annoying. I have resorted in the past to opening a new terminal which worked but today even the new terminal is unresponsive


I’'m having this same problem. But this is the first time it’s happening to me.


I have the same issue. How I can fix that please ?


I’m having the same issue with a bug on the login page.

It says theres a 503 error but shows html that was intended to render.



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