Terminal is not as responsive



Hi guys,
This might not be an issue and I might be expecting too much. When I type in terminal it is not as fast. I need to wait for the letters to catchup after I type.

Is it normal? It is same in my both Terminals in 2 different projects ( I have got paid account )



Currently we do not have servers in Australia, so it will be connecting to Taiwan; I’m in Brisbane myself and the speed could be a bit better here, but we’re working on getting in more regions in the future.


Thanks mate for the response. Finger cross it happens sooner than later :slight_smile:


Once we do, it will be pretty much as fast as a local terminal, when I’m in the EU it’s very, very rarely noticeable


One can only hope for it. As sometime it is just get too annoying and frustrating.
Thanks for your response.