Terminal in ruby workspace not responding



Hi - I am trying to start a ruby workspace on cloud 9. I open the workspace. Cloud 9 opens the workspace in a new browser tab. I can see the Terminal tab at the bottom of the page, however I can’t enter anything into the Terminal. The Terminal tab displays a little spinner that just keeps going and going. If I try to type something in the Terminal the page shows an error message: “Terminal was disconnected. Trying to reconnect.”


Any update? I am still seeing the same behavior.


I see this all the time too… Pretty frustrating. Any resolution out there?


This happens from time to time. Just open up a new Terminal and close the old one.


Yea, even when I open a new terminal it doesn’t work. I try and type, no luck… cut and paste, no luck… super frustrating


And its been happening for at least a week now… can’t for the life of me figure out why. Sometimes I start the server like this: ‘rails s -p $PORT -b $IP’ and sometimes I just hit the ‘run project’ button. still getting the same issue