Terminal error: can't create socket




I’ve been using Cloud9 for a little while now with no issues. However my terminal is now saying “can’t create socket”. This happen even when i try to run a basic html page.

I’ve tried restarting the workspace but I get the same issue.


Sorry about this :frowning: Can you send us a screenshot of how this looks like?



Hi Mutahhir,

Here is the screenshot


Thanks for that. I took a quick look and it appears your workspace’s terminal is back in order. Did you take any steps to fix this, or it came back automatically after a while?


Hi Mutahhir,

I did not no. Thanks for looking into this for me.



I’ve got the same problem; my terminal is saying “can’t create socket”.

I’ve got the error since I resized my disk space. Now I hope it will come back automatically after a while…


Tmux tries to create a socket in /tmp/ folder, so if that folder is somehow not accessible, it displays an error.

To fix this issue, open a new immediate tab, and choose bash runner, then use

sudo mkdir -p /tmp # make sure /tmp dir exist
sudo chmod 777 /tmp # allow everyone to write to it
sudo rm -rf /tmp/tmux* # remove all old tmux sockets if they exist

"can't create socket" error: deleted /tmp* occasionally instead of /tmp/*
Can't create socket
Cloud9 terminal error: 'can’t create socket'

Dear support,

i’m facing the same issue right now… :frowning:
Looking at a few posts, I would have like to have a look at /tmp, but I can’t access it ! :slightly_smiling:

Any help will be appreciated!