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I am getting an OK amount of hits on my video about using Google’s Tensorflow on Cloud 9. The video is at

and the most recent github repository is at

This repository now includes iPython Notebook called Jupyter and R, open-al, torch. lots of example code.

These are working examples of running neural networks using Python on Cloud9


Dude, thanks a lot- that solves my problem with struggling with Docker engulfing tensorflow etc. keep it up!


Thanks. It is so hard to keep up with all the changes that happen with the Tensorflow new versions. Glad this one is still working. I need to make a video only using fixed repositories (type Y at a github page to get a permanent link) and fixed pip installs so that the site keeps working.


That would be very nice of you, is there any chance to switch in this container into theano backend? This way your container would also work for fastAI/course


Actually I am planning on concentrating only on Tensorflow, sorry about that. Hoping to make a Tensorflow curriculum with supporting working examples.

Here is a music example video https://youtu.be/kqzBDt2-QI4 and link


It is a dev platform so it may not work very quickly.


Cool, you have done a lot thanks