Team Workspace Limit on Education Plan



I am a trainer, leveraging the Education plan.
My goal is to have all the trainees clone a few workspace I have created for them.

Pb is that I just hitted a limit on the number of workspaces that can be created in a Team.

My guess is that there is a limitation of 10 team workspaces in the Education plan (whether these team workspaces are private or public does not change the limitation).

Can you confirm this limitation ?
Can you tell me how to raise it to ?

Thanks for your help


Hi - I have the same question. We’re using Cloud9 Education plan to teach a free front end camp for teens - but we’re now getting messages that we’ve hit the limit on the number of workspaces. I’ve tried looking through all the support docs I can find and haven’t found any mention of a limit - could you confirm there is a limit, what it is, and what we can do to raise it?