Team does not have billing enabled yet



When I want make a workspace I get this:

“our team does not have billing enabled yet. Please add billing information to your team before you proceed”

But I can’t add my billing information because I have the FreeFree / Forever Tier and the site don’t display the option for just add billing information and I don’t want open another account because this account has link with my github and oficial gmail.

Thanks for the attention.


You may have somehow created a team account (playing around or testing it) without adding any billing info. If this is the case, you can delete the team by going to<team_name>/account, where <team_name> is the name of your team. From there, you should be able to delete the team.

You can also check what teams you have tied to your account by going to and then looking in the gutter on the left.


I can’t see any teams in the link you gave…Does this mean i am not in the team??


You should be able to see the teams that you’re a part of on the left side of your dashboard.